Hampta Pass-Chandratal Trek

6 Days

Why You Should Do Hampta Pass-Chandratal Trek ?

Hampta Pass-Chandratal Trek  sits at an altitude of 4270 m (14039 ft) on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas. A number of wildflowers and herbs grow at the altitude between 3000 meters to 3800 meters. Vertical rock walls, waterfalls, hanging glaciers, pinewoods, rhododendron forests, open meadows, tiny lakes and peaks rising above 6000 meters. The trek takes climbers over glaciers, fast-flowing rivers, and challenging terrain, but is nevertheless regarded as suitable for fit beginners. Beyond Hampta Pass, trekkers can choose to extend their trek towards the beautiful Chandrataal lake. 

Let’s go where the first ray of Sun warms the heart,
Let’s go where the clouds meet the Earth,
Let’s go where | can see the Moon dance with the stars,
Let’s go where the wind calms the soul.”

Hampta Pass Chandratal Trek  Summary

Hampta Pass Chandratla Trek basically starts from Jobra at an altitude of 9000 ft. Jobra is the best place to get acclimatized for a high altitude trek like Hampta Pass.

After Crossing Jobra we will head to Chika by doing a small trek and will reach the Oddessemania Campsite. Stay night in the Chika Campsite.

On next day we will trek towards Ballu Ka Gheera by crossing two rivers.

Then next day we will trek to Siagoru (Passing Hampta Pass) and will rest up there.

On the second last day we will trek to Chandratal and will come back to Manali via Rohtang.

On last day we will do some adventurous activities in Manali and will bid good bye to this beautiful trek.

When To Plan Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek can be done for almost 6 months of the year. But to get the best view you should do it between June to October .  But the trek is not same in every month .

In June

In June you will see good amount of snow in Ballu Ka ghera . The depth of the snow on both sides is high and you will find it up to Sheagoru.

IMG 20190924 WA0096
Photo by Oddessemania Local Guide (Rahul)

In July and August

In July the snow starts to melt but as you go higher you can find some good amount of snow and in July end-August starting greenery start to grow and the view is so beautiful you will fall in love with it. The valley gets its first monsoon on this time period.

IMG 20210601 WA0003
Photo by Oddessemania Local Guide (Rahul)

In September

The best view comes after a long wait and at last in September the skies get clear and the view of Hampta Pass become most colorful.

Hampta Pass trek
Photo by Oddessemania Local Guide (Rahul)


Rest, freshen up and spend the day in the small town which have some beautiful historical places like The Naggar Palace and The Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery to checkout. This day is to get acclimatized to the altitude, stretch and relax as we get ready to start our beautiful journey from the next day.

We will be driving from Naggar to Jobra in the morning. It's an easy trek to the Chika campsite on the banks of Rani Nallah, 2 km trek that walks you into a mixed forest of pine, green apple and birch trees. Tented accommodation will be provided at Chika. Night stay will be at Chika.

The trail has astonishing views of rivers, valleys and Pir Panjal mountain ranges. The trail takes us from a boulder walk. That is the most exciting thing you'll experience. You are now about halfway through your trek as you enter a walled valley. On one side of the valley are the rock faces and on the other end is the river below.

This is the day when we cross the pass. The climb to Hampta Pass which is moderately steep followed by a steep descent to Shea Go-ru. You begin your day by heading towards the mountains from Balu Ka Ghera. You may get a pleasant surprise with lots of tiny pink and yellow flowers growing by the side of the river. There is a good chance that this entire section is filled with snow. At other times, you may get only some patches of snow.

Chandratal Lake is reckoned as the most charismatic lake situated in the laps of Himalayas. This enticing lake is perched on the Samudra Tapu plateau which lies in close proximity to Chandra river. Chandratal offers the most splendid views of the Spiti region. Two to three huge glacial flows come down from the mountains on the side to the Chandra river. If you have some energy to spare, walk up the hill next to Chandratal. From the top, apart from being able to identify the moon shape of the lake, you'll be able to see a second lake out in the distance surrounded with scenic peaks like the CB-13.

We will drive back to our campsite at Naggar via Rohtang pass with 5 to 6 hours of journey. The scenery all through out the route is a treat in itself. We will reach by the evening. Rest of the day at campsite to relax.

NOTE : Depending on the weather or unforeseen condition, the schedule will be modified / cancelled.

After completing the beautiful journey, it is time to relax completely. What better way to relax than flying and flowing in the river with scenic beauty around. Manali Mall road is the shoppers’ stop to buy all Himachali traditional and western stuff. With last day you're free to enjoy adventure activities like river rafting and paragliding. We will depart for Pathankot with overnight journey with the bag full of memories!



  • .FOOD
  • - Breakfast, lunch & dinner Healthy vegetarian food will be provided.
  • - Hotel in Naggar and tented(at high altitude) Accommodation with 3 to 4 sharing.
  • - From Pathankot to Naggar (pick up and drop)
  • - Forest permit & entry charges
  • - Certified & highly skilled mountaineer & local guides
  • - Basic medication and medical support in case of emergencies


  • .During travel (train/flight) food
  • .Dinner on day 7
  • .Anything not mentioned in inclusion

Frequently Question Asked About Hampta Pass

How many luggage's should we carry during the trek?

Do carry one Rucksack Bag and one small bag for keeping the emergency items. Other than this don’t carry any other bag as it will become problem for you to complete the trek.

Is network is availabe on the trek?

No the network connectivity is not available during the whole route of the trek.
On your return you will get the network at Rohtang Pass and Manali.

Before leaving for the trek call your friends and family and let them know that you will be not available for 3-4 days due to the trek.

Any Atm facility on the route of the trek?

No there is no atm facility on the route of the trek as the route goes through remote places, mountains and valley.

You will get good number of atm in Manali where you can get your cash and get ready for the trek.

Is the electricity is available on the trek route and the campsite ?

There is no electricity during the whole trek . You will electricity in Manali only, so before starting the trek charge your electronic gadgets full and take some extra batteries too.

Do carry good quality power bank as it can be a life savour in many ways.

Note- The battery drained more faster in snow captured area due to low temperature.

How long is Hampta Pass Chandratal trek ?

Starting from Jobra, we will reach Hampta Pass after trekking for 2 days crossing Chika, Balu Ka Gheera with stunning view of the mountains and the peaks.

We will stay at Siagoru Campsite and than next day will head towards Chandratal Lake.

What is the height of Hampta Pass?

Hampta Pass is at a height of 14,065 feet/4287 meters above sea level.

Starting at Jobra (9379 ft/ 2858 m) you climb to Hampta pass(14065 ft/4287 m) over two and half days of trekking. That’s an average of 2000 ft/600 m of height giant everyday

Things To Carry

This are the important items you should carry during the trek. Other than this Oddessemania team will provide you the necessary items required during the trek.

1.  7 Pairs of clothing (t-shirt + trousers)
2.  Woolen Cap, Sun Cap, Face Mask/Buff
3.  Raincoat/Poncho
4.  Normal Jacket & Feather/warm Jacket
5.  Woolen Socks
6.  Thermal wear
7.  Hand gloves
1.  Small Backpack (during trek use)
2.  Trekking shoes
3.  Sunglasses
4.  Sunscreen at least 40+SPF
5.  Lunchbox & Spoon
6.  Water bottle & Mug
7.  Energy bars, energy drink
8.  Extra cloth Bags for wet clothes
1.  Prescribed Medicine
2.  Camera + Charger + Power bank
3.  Cold Cream
4.  Personal sanitization & essential toiletries
5.  Mask, Id card and Medical Certificate

Is Hampta Pass Trek Is Safe To Do?

Yes Hampta Pass is safe trek to do. Prepare yourself and get all the details you want before starting this trek as it will help you know more about it.

Then also Oddessemania Team has listed some factors for safety –

Altitude wise

It starts from Jobra at an altitude of 9,800 ft and it goes up to 14065 ft. (Hampta Pass) . Oddessemania team helps you get acclimatized on the first day of the trek so that you don’t fall sick when you start it.

The Oddessemania team has planned the hike in such a way that you get ready for it nicely-

– We spend the first day at Naagar where you get acclimatized and you can take your time to get every needful item ready before heading for the treks.

– Each day we do the trek in such a way that you get ample of rest and don’t get AMS.

However there is still a chance of getting AMS.

In AMS you will mostly fell headache, tiredness, no taste and no sleep.

If you feel AMS on the way to trek please inform the trek leader as Oddessemania Trek Leader are well experienced in handling all those during a trek. The Trek Leader and the team will help you to cope with it and complete the trek in safer way.

” Oddessemania Trek Leader are well trained in Mountaineering and Medical Safety in Mountaineering “

Weather Wise

The Hampta Pass Trek starts from June and goes up to September and these whole months the trek is safe to do.

If you do the trek on starting month then from Balu Ka Ghera, the trail will get slippery and if you do on July-August it will be rainy so it will be slippery too so its adviced to wear good quality trek boots and get Poncho .

“Do follow the Trek Leader instruction when you are on the trek. Don’t do anything on your own because you don’t know what will happen next.”

Terrain Wise

Hampta Pass posses the least risk.

The only risks that comes during Hampta Pass trek is-

  1. Stream Crossing
  2. Descending Down

Closest Hospital To Hampta Pass 

Mission Hospital in Manali is the closest one to Hampta Pass, in case of a medical emergency during the trek.
Address: Model Town, Siyal, Manali, Himachal Pradesh – 175131
Phone: +911902252379

Manu Diagnostics Center and Hospital is another option.
Address: Snowdrop Hotel building, Gompa Road, opposite Buddhist Monastery, Manali, Himachal Pradesh – 175131
Phone: +919418083587

Hampta Pass Chandratal Trek Map

Batch Date

The above are the monthly batch details, you can book according to this date and if you are in a private group and want to book on your own customized way you can contact our travel expert.

July Month

  1. July 16  – 7 seats Left
  2. July 22 – 12 seats Left
  3. July 24 – 12 seats Left

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Hampta Pass-Chandratal Trek
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Trip Facts

  • 4270m (14039 ft.)
  • Professional Trained Guide
  • Suv or Car
  • Trek
  • Medium
  • Hotel and Camping
  • Naggar
  • Hampta Pass
  • 10-12
  • June to October
  • You can join our fixed group departure
  • Included as per itinerary
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