15 Underrated Cuisines Of The Northeast You Need To Explore!

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Do you consider yourself a “foodie”? Also, like to travel? Do you have any indication what that means? For most of us, visiting a new area is about more than just seeing the sights. It’s about immersing oneself in the region’s distinct culture and tradition along with meeting the natives. What greater way to learn about civilisations than via culinary delights?


If you’re tired of the same old butter chicken and pav bhajis, and also rajma chawal, Taste of Northeast food has a plethora of cuisines to offer. The cuisines of the Northeast here is sure to stun your taste buds, given the region’s great diversity and the presence of some rare and unique condiments that you won’t find elsewhere in mainland India. I am not afraid to say that food alone can be the biggest reason to visit northeast India!


There is something for everyone here, from those with a sweet palate to those who prefer hot and acidic flavors. So here’s a full menu of decadent delicacies taste of northeast food:

1. KHAR – Assam

In Assam, a traditional dinner is never finished without the inclusion of Khar. This is a completely unique dish made with a bizarre mixture of red rice, beaten pulses, and raw papaya, as well as typical Assamese spices.

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2. PITHA – Assam

Pitha is an Assamese food that is commonly consumed. The locals eat nice Pitha for breakfast, whereas salty ones are slathered in light buttery and served with tea. Rice is blended with light seasonings and salt/sugar, then shaped into thin tubes and stuffed into a bamboo stem’s hollow stem. The Pitha is then fried, roasted, or barbecued inside the cylindrical bamboo stem, giving it a distinct flavour. The pitha can be prepared sweet or savoury, and the sweet variety is preferred by the majority of the inhabitants. This enticing delicacy is made with whipped curd and molasses.

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3. SANPLAIU – Mizoram

This Mizoram food is highly well-liked among street vendors. Homemade delicacies known as “Sanplaiu Snacks” are packed and distributed throughout Mizoram. It is frequently made with rice porridge and served with other ingredients including freshly ground black pepper, fresh coriander paste, tangy fish sauce, and finely powdered rice.


Shrimp lovers will find Misa Mach Poora to be a delectable delicacy that they will want to try again and again. This dish, made with a beautiful blend of spices, mustard oil, and a little good lime juice, is worth every bite.

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5. SMOKED PORK – Nagaland

Nagaland is the birthplace of one of the Northeast’s best pork recipes, which is renowned for its distinctive flavour. The typical roasting method for pigs results in an exterior that is crispy and an interior that is tender and moist. The flavour of the meal is improved by using pork smoked with bamboo shoots. Other well-liked meals include pork with akhuni (fermented soy bean) or anishi (fermented yam leaves).

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In a bamboo basket, this fish delicacy is steam-cooked. When you take a bite, the strong flavours fill your lips. The flavour of the dish can also be enhanced by adding some fresh spices, such as King chillies. With steaming rice, it is best appreciated.

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7. THUKPA – Sikkim

The Thukpa is another dish to try while visiting the Indian state of Sikkim. The meal is a delicious noodle soup with origins in Tibet’s eastern regions. Thukpa, Sikkim’s most famous street meal, is at the forefront of this culinary trend. This wonderful dish is served in practically each restaurant in the state, not just street vendors. Garlic, chopped onions, and green chillies are added to the noodle soup to give it a spicy flavor and a hint of acidity. This dish is available both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. The former would include shredded and chopped veggies, while the latter would include red meat and boiled or poached eggs. While you’re at it, savour this delectable cuisine.

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8. MOMO – Sikkim

Momos are the most popular Tibetan delicacy among the people of this region. Momos are a delicious delicacy that can be found in restaurants and street vendors around the country, not only in Sikkim.

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9. CHAK HAO KHEER- Manipur

Black rice pudding is a classic Manipuri kheer recipe and is known as chak hao kheer (black rice kheer). Sugar and black rice are the ingredients. This black rice is incredibly aromatic and tasty, and it has a flavour all its own. While cooking this rice, the house fills with an exquisite, beautiful perfume.

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10. SANA THONGBA- Manipur

One of Manipur’s most well-liked vegetarian recipes is this one. Sana in Manipur is the word for paneer. This paneer dish is really simple to make and uses less spices than most. It pairs well with roti or steam rice.


11. JADOH – Meghalaya

The Meghalayan Khasi people love the meal called “Jadoh.” Red rice is used to make jadoh, which is also cooked with a lot of pork. It is occasionally also prepared with chicken or fish. Bay leaves, ginger, black pepper, turmeric, green chilies, and onions are combined to prepare this authentic delicious dish.

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It’s pork marinated in soy sauce and served with a plethora of vegetables. This is one great dish that everyone should try on their vacation to Meghalaya, both in terms of flavour and nutritional content.

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13. PIKA PILA – Arunachal Pradesh

Pika Pila, a popular pickle created by the Apatani clan, can might become your favourite Arunachal Pradesh dish. Bamboo shoots, pork, and king chilly are the main ingredients.

14. APONG – Arunachal Pradesh

This indigenous rice beer from Arunachal Pradesh is a local favorite because it is homemade and chemical-free.

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15. MACH BHAJA – Tripura

Mach Bhaja or fried fish is a big time YES! in Tripura. The natives of this state enjoy Mach Bhaja throughout the different seasons of the year. It is a delicacy eaten as a snack or fritter to go with a meal.

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16. CHAUK – Tripura

If you enjoy swigging several mouthfuls of beer occasionally, then must try Chauk, a local rice beer made by fermented rice in water. Locals usually consume it during happy occasions such as festivals and events. This refreshing drink is made with pineapple, jackfruit, and Mami rice.



What is North East cuisine?

The main sources of protein include poultry (duck, geese, chicken), beef, pig, and freshwater fish, but the northeastern cuisine is most known for its sparse use of spices. All it takes to achieve that flavour is a couple of chillies (enough to start a fire), some local herbs, ginger, garlic, and occasionally sesame.

What is the famous food of Northeast India?

Hanhor Mangxo Kumurat Diya (Assam)
This specialty is well-known throughout India’s northeast, particularly in Assam. It comprises of ash gourd and curry-cooked duck meat. This delicatessen is frequently saved for special occasions.

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