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Technically, being a leader is a difficult task. It takes a lot of practice and expertise to become proficient in it. Within the confines of a classroom, leadership cannot be cultivated, nor can it raise interest levels. Being in nature helps us realize a lot of things since it is psychologically tied to us. In addition to engaging in many enjoyable experiences, we feel alive and connected to ourselves.

Everyone may enjoy adventure, and adventure allows us to be ourselves. Relearning and realizing previously “learned” life lessons are both possible through adventure. Adventure and being in nature help us develop our problem-solving skills. It also emphasizes and develops skills like teamwork, which is crucial for surviving, as well as the ability to empathize with others. It benefits us to manage different human emotions, management skills, and discipline and ultimately builds up the leadership qualities among us.

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What is experiential learning?

The practice of learning via experience is known as experiential learning, which is more precisely defined as “gaining knowledge through reflection on doing.” It is important to learn certain behavioral strategies through practical learning as it involves a better comprehending system and also builds in leadership qualities.

How The Experiential Program Works

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Settling up the Stage

Participants in our custom created programme for experiential learning must complete a few tasks while working in teams with other participants who have a variety of skill sets. This two-day programme includes a day hike to a high point, followed by a night of camping beneath the stars, and the second day is filled with all the exciting adventure.

The participants are prodded out of their comfort zones by engaging in a day or two of hiking. This fosters a community where people can interact, share stories, and learn from one another while also looking out for one another. This keeps everyone actively engaged in learning and maintaining an open mind and heart.

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Participants in the first, encounter a subtle amount of uphill trekking on unpaved routes. They set up and disassemble their tents entirely on their own, and they prepare and cook all of their food in a sizable quantity. Water rappelling, water canoeing, and other activities take up a good portion of the second day. Every day is planned to test you and help you conquer your worries, which builds resilience and confidence in a very significant way.

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The participants are given a significant opportunity to reflect on their learning over these two days of exciting, fun-filled experiential learning activities. Most of the time, they return to forging new connections with a distinctly distinct understanding of life and attitude and are becoming increasingly adept at managing risk and maintaining a strong overall focus on their objectives.

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It is very possible to incorporate the Experiential Leadership Program into the curriculum to supplement theoretical instruction, particularly with regard to the concept of leadership. The best integration takes place in classes that cover problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and leadership. This experiential learning component can also be quite helpful for learning about sustainability and other topics that call for a better understanding of oneself.

If you wish to have this program at your college get in touch with us by emailing info@oddessemania.in or call +91- 7904551292 or 7086268727. We can then schedule an appointment to meet in person or online and discuss the details.

The college can offer it to all students across courses, or consider it as a program for a particular course. Some enter into an MoU with us and include elements into the design that are most suited to their needs.

If you are a student who wishes to have this program at your college, then do the initial groundwork and put us in touch with the concerned person so that we can initiate conversation and take it forward.

The price is customised and depends on the experiential program participant choose. The charge for the  This includes all expenses, per participant, from basecamp to basecamp. All other services, such as transport and stay before and after the program, will be charged as actuals.


  • Accommodation during the trek (camping – 3 per tent)
  • All meals – vegetarian
  • Trekking permits and forest camping charges
  • Trekking equipment (tents, sleeping bags, ice axes, ropes, etc.)
  • Safety equipment (first aid, medical kit, oxygen cylinders, stretchers, etc.)
  • Services of an expert trek leader (qualified in basic/advanced mountaineering courses)
  • Services of a support team (volunteers, guides, cooks, helpers, porters/mules)
  • Expert facilitation team from Oddessemania


  • Food during transit to and from the base camp.

On the trek there is no electricity and the mobile network is hardly available. The last point for charging your mobiles and cameras is usually at the base camp.

How We Keep All Participants Safe

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Our Experts

Our trek leaders and adventure trainers play a significant role in keeping all participants safe on the program.
All our leaders are certified mountaineers with a Basic or Advanced Mountaineering course. Some of them are also Search and Rescue course certified. They also have summited peaks in Nepal and have gone to numerous Himalayan treks several times.

Apart from the trainers, we have trek guides, program facilitator and assistants who accompany all team members of the learning program.

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Even an expert team such as ours cannot keep all participants safe unless they follow our rules and safety processes.
Our extensive trek experience matters here. The trails are not new to us. These places or the trekking trails have been trekked and developed by us many times
On these trails, we also have some joint campgrounds and our own base camps.
We are accountable for the safety of every team member during the whole programme. On the trek we have a staff-to-team member ratio of 1:10, meaning for every 10 team members there is an Oddessemania staff monitoring them closely.

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Most of the modern safety equipment in trekking community is used in our program. All our equiments that includes ropes, hats, mittens, carabiners, life jackets etc are double checked before the commencement of the program.
Technical kit and a proper medicine kit is also carried in the program.

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Experiential Workshop Gallery

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