Scuba Diving is perhaps the best way to explore under water world getting up close with the wonders and the secret of marine universe with its colorful and diverse inhabitants floating below the water .
When you dive into the enormous water, you enter into a mysterious world but totally magical. The experience of scuba diving is not possible to describe in words. Its something that you have to savor yourself. Maybe its one of the experiences which you’ll not regret doing in your life.
So Oddessemania here brings you this experiences in some of the exotic location of the country . Andaman and Nicobar island, Lakshdweep , Goa, are some of the popular location for such kind of activities, but who would have though to dive in water of Megahlayan Caves. Along with diving in the seas of the country, Oddessemania present you, along with Meghalaya Scuba Academy, the chance to dive in waterfalls of Meghalaya, caves and many more. We also provide some of the fun and exciting Diving course so to dive with us and experience the underwater world.

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2 Days - 1 Night 1 People
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₹6,600.00 ₹7,300.00
Do you want to dive inside water? Then come to Oddessemania to explore the huge variety of marine life and the amazing underwater environment! With...
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