Considered as the “wild east” of India, Nagaland abounds in primeval beauty and tribal culture. Its dazzling hills and valleys, reaching right up to the India-Myanmar border are other worldly places where, until not long ago, headhunting Naga tribes fought off intruders and each other. Today Nagas have abandones headhunting and turned to Christianity.
The Nagas, an Indo-Asiatic people from more than 20tribes, as well as numerous sub-tribes and each one has a specific geographic distribution.
More often, people hesitate when they hear about Nagaland and the Nagas but we assure you that you will not find a safe and friendly place other than Nagaland.
Famous for its legendary “Hornbill Festival”, Nagaland is home to many exotic and phantasmagorical spots including Dzukou valley which is a backpackers’ and trekkers’ paradise- a place incomparable to other and is far from exploitation and an extremely magical fairyland of rolling hills.

dzukou valley trek
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Hornbill Festival 2021

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