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Our Story

Why Oddessemania was Started

In January, 2018, when Prasurjya and Prantika were exploring Bomdila town, a sudden realization caught their minds that people only choose to travel to those places that they know about or have seen pictures on the internet. Places like Bomdila and other such off the road destinations gives you immense pleasure than any other normal crowded place and people don’t know about them because not enough information are available to convince or make them aware that these places hidden from the crowd can transform your lives and are safe as any other known destinations. Also, not every company present there provides experiences that are purely raw, authentic and show around the offbeat destinations where there is engagement of the local people and their way of living.

Hence, we started Oddessemania to give the awareness of travelling and adventure activities and its life changing effects, detailed information about rural/offbeat places and guide people to such destinations. Since the beginning, we have been working with local communities to provide authentic and learning experience to the people coming with us and to make a source of earning to those communities that hosts you in local homestays, gives homely feeling with a kind conversation and local cuisines.

So, a stroll towards the Upper monastery of Bomdila turned into a venture serving people across India guiding them to the off beaten paths of the country.

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Why travelers choose Oddessemania?

Untouched Experiences

Providing experiences that are absolutely genuine, meaningful and related to nature is what we are expert at. We widely work with the local communities of a place who knows about their culture, their ancestors and carry values depicting a place. With the engagement of local people, travelers with us get an authentic feeling. Staying in homes that are made by local people, their local cuisine and their way of living is what influences our travelers. The stories related to a place, spots that are not touristic but breathtaking are best known by the local people and this excites our travelers coming from cities to experience nature.

Updated Information

Our website is a platform where we document and share all necessary details about a place. This has been our core value since beginning to provide valuable and updated information of lesser known destinations across the country. We have been uploading blogs about various tips and tricks/guides to travel to a place to make people aware about the safety and other such things. If you want to trek on your own, you can look through our collection of trek guides, which provides all the information you need starting from emergency contacts to must visit places that you should follow.

Experiential Learning

We provide a variety of experiential learning opportunities for students in schools, colleges, and companies. Experts lead these programs, which aim to enhance mental, physical, and spiritual development through hands-on learning in the outdoors. Activities like climbing,  rappelling, trekking, scuba diving etc are included in our program. We have named it as “Adventure therapy” which consists of different levels that have different activities. We also organize specialized treks for families that enhance their perspective towards life. On these hikes, we engage on camping tasks such as tent pitching, cooking, and hiking green pathways. This enhances learning while on a walk and creates some lifelong experiences.

History Timeline Of Oddessemania


Oddessemania Started


Oddessemania Website Launched


Oddessemania Launch Experiential Learning Program


Oddessemania Brings The Idea Of Guide Booking

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What values we are adding?


People of India are very good at negotiating but they do it at the cost of safety in case of travel. Team Oddessemania plays in the safety section. Many solo travelers, backpackers decide their journey with the scattered information from internet which becomes risky to rely upon at times. In Oddessemania, we always send a local guide with you who takes care of you and support you in any difficult situation that may occur. As we give you experience of offbeat destinations, not much people know about them but only the locals. A local person can show you the best of any place, give you an authentic raw experience with local foods, meeting that tribal persons etc while providing you all the safety and comfort. Not a single trip we have done or will do without a local person which ensures two values – the sustainability supporting them and obviously your safety.


Offbeat destinations provide serenity, a break from the crowds, and a chance to reconnect with nature and yourself—all of which we need right now. Famous destinations, on the other hand, may not always provide exactly what you’re looking for. They are frequently packed and noisy. When travel was forbidden for the past two years, our perceptions on numerous destinations shifted. Many people now prefer safety and tranquility over popular tourist places. We at Oddessemania promote these offbeat places and curate itineraries. However, there isn’t much awareness of such places. Our aim is to make these inaccessible places accessible and let people realize about the values ingrained there. People living in offbeat places are connected to nature. They procure things from nature and use it in their daily life and that is what we want our travelers to be- reconnecting with nature.


Most of the organization provides you a fixed plan with a fixed price. But, in today’s trend of backpacking, we have realized there is a need of flexibility in planning. That is why we have set up an online customization platform where you can put up your details such as type of accommodation, food, number of people etc. and an automated price will be calculated. This gives you high flexibility to change your plans according to your budget and gives you freedom to curate your own a plan.


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Co-Founder and CEO
Prasurjya Talukdar
Prantika Sarma Coo Oddessemania
Co-Founder and COO
Prantika Sarma

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