12 Fun And Adventurous Things To Do In Sikkim

Things to do in sikkim

Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast, Oddessemania

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Head to Sikkim (Things To Do In Sikkim ) if you can’t find tranquility where you are. It’s here that you’ll fully believe in nature’s and humanity’s goodness. Relive your intriguing dreams amid spectacular mountains, breathtaking scenery, and icy temperatures. Enjoy the morning serenity and the dewdrops flowing from the leaves while taking some sun-kissed photos. After the lockdown, this is the greatest state to travel to, for the simple reason that such beauty cannot be overlooked.

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What is the purpose of a trip to Sikkim?

This northeastern state is home to a vast range of flora and animals, as well as stunning landscapes, natural wonders, and historic sites. Sikkim is bordered on the north and northeast by Tibet, the east by Bhutan, the west by Nepal, and the south by West Bengal. Sikkim is unquestionably the greatest place to visit if you’re looking for a combination of natural beauty, adventure, and history. The region is a great delight for anyone seeking a private and lonely journey, as it is the least inhabited and second smallest Indian state. Sikkim is the finest pick for your romantic excursion if you are planning a Honeymoon trip.

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A holiday in Sikkim, which is known for its steep mountains, tiny towns, beautiful landscape, holy lakes, and vibrant Buddhist monasteries, will undoubtedly bring you closer to nature and provide you with plenty of quiet and calmness. Because of its numerous adventure activities, Sikkim is also a haven for thrill-seekers, trekkers, and mountaineers. Sikkim will not disappoint you, whether you are searching for a relaxing vacation, an extravaganza of natural beauty, or a fun-filled adventure vacation.

Culture of Sikkim-

Try making friends with the friendly residents of Sikkim and learn everything there is to know about Tibetan culture. There are many prominent attractions in this area, but the allure of its culture and customs is unrivaled. Sikkim would be one of the best places to visit if you want to see cultural sites rather than go on an adventure. The Sikkim Festivals complement the ancient temple, which is reached through a steep and almost-unused route with picture-perfect mountain views and panoramic views. Take a look at Tibetan culture and Buddhism from a different perspective. The strange ceremonies involving thangkas and Tantric items, as well as thigh-bone trumpets, human skulls, and old texts, will undoubtedly transport you back in time. In addition, if you visit Sikkim in May or June, you will have the opportunity to participate in events such as Saga Dawa, Tharpu Monsoon Festival, Gangtok Winter Festival, Losar Festival, and others.

Things to do in sikkim

Here are 12 must things to do in Sikkim-  

  1. Explore the local sightseeing of this beautiful town-

Sikkim is a living paradise on earth. Sikkim is unquestionably the greatest place to visit if you are looking for a combination of natural beauty, adventure and history.  A visit to Sikkim means steep mountains, tiny towns, beautiful landscape, holy lakes that will definitely bring you closer to the nature.

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The best time to visit Sikkim is between March and May or October and mid-December.

Some of the best local places of Sikkim are-

Tsomgo Lake
Nathula Pass
Yumthang Valley
Teesta River
Khangchendzonga national park

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  1. Taste the local cuisines of Sikkim-

Sikkim is known for its exquisite foods as well its natural beauty. Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal which border Sikkim have had a significant influence on the cuisine of the state. Sikkim cuisine is rich in flavours combining local influence with those from neighbouring nations. Sikkim’s cuisine consists of soups, dumplings, meat, stew with lots of veggies!

Sikkim is all known for organic state and the locals prefer organically grown fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat produced by local farmers.

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Some local flavours of Sikkim are-


Thukpa is a local and healthy food. It is basically a soup with noddles, veggies and is of Tibetian origin.  You can either go for vegetable thukpa or egg and meat thukpa.  It is enjoyed a lot there and you will get it in a giant bowl with soup, noodles and lots of veggies with chicken or egg.


In Phagshapa pork fat is the key ingredient. It is pork fat strip that is basically cooked with dry chillies and radishes. It is quite spicy. Pork fat is the main here and cannot be avoided thereby it is not suitable for vegetarians out there.


It is a very common food of Sikkim. Mustard leaves, cabbage leaves, or radish leaves are used to make it. These leaves are cleaned somewhat dried and put in a receptacle most frequently earthen pots, for a few weeks to ferment. After that, it is taken out and dried. It has a sour but delightful taste. Gundruk can be cooked into a soup with onions, tomatoes and ginger as well as spices and chillies and is usually eaten with rice and other meals and also can be served as a side dish with chopped onions and vegetables.


Sinki soup is also a well known dish. It is different because it is made out of radish taproots. Radish roots   are sliced and placed in bamboo which is then covered with straw and covered with plants and dirt for about a month.  It usually consumed as a pickle and can be stored over a year.


Kinema is prepared from boiling anf fermented soyabeans that have a sticky feel. When cooking kinema, te beans give off a strong odour. Kinema is served with rice by the natives.

.Bamboo shoot curry-

Bamboo shoots are young bamboo culms that emerge from the ground and are mainly edible shoots. Bamboo shoots are popular in Sikkim. They create curry using fermented bamboo. The bamboo shoot curry is known as Tama curry in Sikkim.

.Churpi Ningro  Curry-

Cottage cheese is known as churpi in Sikkim and it can be combined with various elements to create a cuisine but most well known is churpi ningro curry. Sikkimese people eat a lot of plants they cultivate in their backyards, forests and gardens. These are known as ningro. Churpi ningro curry is a combination of eatable plants with cottage cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes, chillies, and a variety of other spices.

.Kodo Ko Roti-

In Sikkim, the maize is known as kodo. To make rotis, the millet/maize is pounded into flour and combined with water, sugar or salt. It is usually served as a quick meal or late snack with other side dishes.

.Gorkhey Chutney-

Ghorkhey chutney is one of Sikkim’s well known side dish. It is very delicious and onions, tomatoes, green chillies are used to make it. Cottage cheese is sometimes added too.


Nakima belongs to the family Liliaceae and is widely grown in Sikkim too. It somewhat tastes bitter and is use to make curry or pickles.


Wachipa is traditional food of Sikkim belonging to Kirat Rai community. It is usually made with rice, minced chicken and powder formed from charred chicken features, which adds a bitter taste. Meat can be replaced with leaves or damlapa and dry fruits are added.

These are some of the main food from in and around Sikkim are others too are there-

Gya kho, Thenthuk, Khapsey, Sel roti, momo, Shyaphaley, Aloo Cheuda, Ting momo with aloo dum and Laphling .

  1. Enjoy the ropeway where you can see the magical view of gangtok-

This is another great attraction of Gangtok and should not be missed at any cost. It is a double- cable ropeway and each cable car can carry 24 passengers at once. It is 1km long and has three stations- one at Deorali, next is at Namnang and the top one is at tahiling.

Through thr ropeway, you will be able to see the whole gangtok and will also get amazing views of Kanchenjunga peaks and valleys.

Ropeway, Sikkim

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  1. Witness the breathtaking Gurudongmar lake, the high mountains in its backdrop-

Gurudongmar Lake is significant because it is named after the well known Guru Padmasambhava. If one wishes to visit this astonishing beauty, the greateat time is in between November to February i.e the winter months when one can also experience the snow fall the stunning mountains peaks covered with snow.

nagendhar reddy vuppunuthula BKoNnTNaWn8 unsplash

  1. Get lost in the most colourful festivals of Sikkim like bum-chu, losar etc-

Sikkim is a small paradise of Northeast India. The vibrant festivals of Sikkim have been a significant part of Sikkim tourism. The festivals bring out a lot about the history and the culture of the state.

Loosar Festival, Sikkim

Some of the famous festivals of Sikkim are-

Lossong festival
Losar festival
Bhumchu festival
Saga dawa
Lhabab duchen festival
Hee bermiok festival
Tendong lho rum faat
International flower festival
Mangan music festival
Annual Sikkim paragliding festival.
  1. Walk on the glass skywalk in pelling witnessing the Kanchenjunga view-

The glass Skywalk is the first skywalk in India. Pelling is a small town of the state Sikkim. It has a rich heritage of culture, amazing sights, hills, waterfalls, and many more. You can enjoy the amazing view of Kanchenjunga in pelling. However, the best time to visit would be from February to July.

Sikkim (Skywalk)

  1. Shop some local organic veggies and other products-

Sikkim has been a birth place to much number of things. Food, costumes, and festivals bring out the vibrant heritage of the state. Sikkim is largely populated by three ethnic groups- Lepcha, Nepali and Bhutia.

However, the best shopping destinations in Sikkim are-

.MG Marg

MG mart is the main commercial area of Sikkim. It is considered as the hub of the state as it connects all shops, restaurants, etc.

.Lal Bazar

Lal Bazar is the best to shop some organic and farm products. It is located in east Sikkim,

.New Market

It is considered as one of the main place to go for shopping in Sikkim. Some of the best buys from this market are dry fruits, barfis and sweet mango peels.

.Old Market

This is one of liveliest market of Sikkim and basically sells fashion wears and accessories. It is often filled with buyers bargaining all around with the best products.

.Directorate of Handicrafts and Handlooms

It is located at the end of Tibet road. The place is mostly famous its distinct, large sales emporium. It is the best place if you are looking for some authentic Sikkimese handcrafted items and art craft.

  1. Take part in river rafting in Teesta River-

One of the most popular activities to do in Sikkim is the white water rafting. It is a popular adventurous sport that tourists often take up in Sikkim, Gangtok. River rafting in Teesta River is amazing but also risky sport at some time. The best time to go for river rafting is between the months of March to May. As you raft through the Teesta River, you will be amazed to see the wonderful sights all around!

loren dosti M8cpBt6RSns unsplash

  1. Enjoy paragliding and hand gliding; a different experience absolutely from rest of the country-

Paragliding in Gangtok is turning out to be a well known and is picking rate at an expanding way. There are two types of paragliding usually- one is the sort of medium fly where the parachute is flown in between 1300-1400 meters. The other way around is the high fly in which traveller get open dooring for flying at a higher elevation. The best places for paragliding in Gangtok and guaranteed area Baliman Dara and Bulbuley Dara.

Hand gliding is also a very popular adventurous activity among the visitors there. It fulfils the dreams of one to fly. Hand gliding in Sikkim can give you a lifelong experience throughout the staggering views all around.

Oddessemania Paragliding

     10. Plan a trek to Goecha La-

Goecha La is the most challenging and trilling trek you will ever experience! You can mark the beauty of Kanchenjunga, Mount Pandim and also the Three Sisters to the mighty Everest as you trek down. It is a perfect activity for the wander lusting souls. The trek does follow up with some difficulty if you are not used to trekking but the journey all way through will give you some real thrills. You will be mesmerized the nature’s charm at Bakhim, will be surprised to meet the friendliest locals at Yuksom, will be filled with the views of Summit at Dzongri, the morning era of Tshoka will leave you speechless and of course a night under the starry sky at Thamgsing will worth everything.

  1. Give a visit to Yumthang Valley; the valley of flowers-

Yumthang Valley is definitely a go to place if you are visiting Sikkim. This valley is also known as ‘Valley of Flowers’ and is exotic. Does not matter if you are a nature lover or not, you are bound to fall in love with this place. It has an awesome blend of flora and fauna. The valley is famous for Rhododendrons and flowers and some more flowers and much more flowers!

The place looks stunning almost all over the year but the best time to visit the valley is between the months of September to December.

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  1. Ride to Nathula Pass; the Indo-China border-

Nathula pass is not only popular among the tourist as a spot but also for the history this place holds. This pass is a travel line between China and India. It passes through the Tsomgo Lake and also served as a trade line between Tibet and India. Nathula Pass is nothing less than a paradise with its amazing flora.  The best time to visit this place is during the winter month’s i.e from November to February. The snow covering the pass seems as an absolute beauty but surviving can be a bit tricky.

Sikkim Tsongmo


Which is the best season to visit Sikkim?

Sikkim is best visited between March and May, or between October and mid-December. The greatest time to visit Gangtok to see the flowering natural beauty is in the spring, between March and May. Autumn, on the other hand, puts the Himalayan Range into clear view.

Is Sikkim safe to visit?

Sikkim is absolutely safe for tourists. People are extremely helpful and friendly. You just need permits to enter few places of the state because of its geographic locations.

How many days are required to travel Sikkim?

In Sikkim, there are many intriguing places to visit.
Gangtok, Lachen, Lachun, Yumthang Valley, Nathula Pass, Gurudongmar, Namchi, Pelling, and other major destinations.
To see all of these places, you’ll need at least 8 to 9 days. 

Which is the nearest airport in Sikkim?

Sikkim’s nearest functional airport is Bagdogra Airport. It is 124 kilometres from Sikkim, West Bengal. There is one more airport in Sikkim, Pakyong Airport, however it does not run regular flights.
To get to Sikkim, we prefer to fly into Bagdogra Airport.

What is the local food of Sikkim?

Sikkim cuisine is known for its traditional flavours, which are a mix of Tibetan, Nepalese, and indigenous Sikkimese cuisine. Rice is the Sikkimese’s staple diet. Momo (dumplings), thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup), gundruk (leafy dish), sha phaley, Pork curry, Chhurpi – a fermented dairy product, Ring shaped Nepalese bread, Traditional fermented vegetable products – Gundruk & Sinki, and Sishnu Soup are just a few of the local dishes.

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