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Oddessemania is a travel tech startup that is trying to change the way people experience travel. It is promoting guide aided travel for travelers to have an immersive local experience.

Oddessemania is the first platform to facilitate pre-travel guide booking. Trained and experienced guides are onboarded to the platform based on their specialty for travelers to select them based on the itinerary and subject to availability. The guides are specifically selected from the local community, trained and onboarded.

Oddessemania achieves multiple objectives by facilitating local guide booking.

1. The travellers get a local expert to guide them during the travel who ensures that they get an immersive experience.
2. The local guides also ensure safety of the travelers. It is particularly important for solo travellers or small groups.
3. Engaging the local guide community contributes positively to uplift the local economy.


Adventure Activities

Savor the exciting adventures that are bold and risky yet worth experiencing and much enjoyable with a number of activities like trekking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, zip-lining, river rafting, etc we have everything to offer for an experience of a lifetime and memories worth remembering.

Why Book with Us

Some reason why to book with Oddessemania

Local Experts. Middle-man Free Pricing

Dig deeper about the place you travel to as we have local members to calm your curiosity . From culture to food, know everything perfectly with no hidden charge


We offer treks by taking in consideration that we do not spoil the natural environment by keeping it clean and plastic free. In terms of society we give the local people an employment opportunity both part time or permanently.

Expert Local guide

All the guides that take our clients are professionally trained under Mountaneering Association, Guide Training and has good experience in tourism industry. This make Oddessemania the most Safest and Trustable company in India.

Budget Friendly

All our experiences are planned by our travel experts who collects all information with the correct rate so that the price can be affordable.

100% Customizable

Tell us about your wishes so that we can work together and customize your trips to fulfill your expectations and you can have a memorable time of your life.

No Hidden Charge

Don't worry about any extra or hidden charges on your trip. We include everything as mentioned in our itineraries and charges accordingly. Not a single penny will be spent once you have purchased from us.

Stats Counter

So far the following no. of customer has chosen us and we are happy to serve such large community.

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Deals and Discounts

These are some special deals and discounts that we provide for our dearly customers. Everything is customizable accordingly to your wish. The deals and discounts on the trips do keeps on changing.

Hornbill Festival 2022 ₹5,999.00₹3,999.0033% Off
₹8,999.00₹7,500.0017% Off
dzukou valley trek ₹8,500.00₹7,999.006% Off

Safety Rules

1. Drivers with latest COVOD-19 negative test reports.
2. Regular sanitization of every single gears, cars and other properties including beds, tents, mats etc.
3. Super cool team captains and all are fully vaccinated .
4. We suggest using of credit cards or any digital payment mode for transferring cash.

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